I love

     to give my absolute best every time I go to work

     to crawl on the ground, scramble in the dirt and even climb up trees
     if it means you get a better image

     to see people's faces when they open their package
     and view their Wall Art for the first time

     to create amazing images with the care, love and attention
     to detail that you deserve

     to give you the best photography experience I can

     to create stylish, modern and responsive websites with bespoke photography

     my wife, my family, my friends and my animals - without whom I am nothing

Stunning Wall Art

Enjoy your beautiful Wall Art prints every day.
Stylish and contemporary.
Only heirloom inks.
Always finest quality.

Amazing Gift Prints so friends and family can enjoy too.

Planning - months

Ceremony - minutes

Photography - generations


For the love of horses

Their beauty

Their grace

Their power

  • Full Service Photography

    Full Service Photography

    Exceptional service from your consultation right up to the delivery of your beautiful Wall Art.





    Love your photography, love your photography experience

    I specialise in the most amazing Wall Art for you to enjoy for generations but your photography experience begins with a phone call or an email.
    Once you get in touch, I want to give you the best possible service, support and attention.


    • From discussing in detail what you hope to achieve, to helping you choose a location, the clothes to wear and the type of shots you are looking for.
    • From making you feel relaxed and confident on the day of your photoshoot, to meticulous and loving editing of your images.
    • From your Reveal appointment, where you will see your images for the first time, to helping you choose the products and helping you visualise how they will look on your wall.
    • From the very careful and specific preparation of your images, to processing at the best professional laboratory.
    • From delivering your final products by hand where possible to opening and viewing your images for the first time.


    I don't want to leave you with half edited images to get lost on a hard drive or flounder on a memory stick, lost in a draw.
    I want you to have amazing images on display, to look at, to enjoy. Every day.

    I don't want you to have to print your own images at consumer labs; budget materials and inks, uncalibrated and a compromise.
    I want you to have individually edited, prepared and sharpened images from the best professional laboratory.

    I will try to offer a luxury experience in keeping with the luxury prints that you will enjoy for generations.
    I will offer you Full Service Photography




  • Your Photoshoot

    Your Photoshoot

    After the planning, the actual photoshoot.





    Love your photoshoot, love your photography experience

    I want you to have a great experience and enjoy your photoshoot so if you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to discuss them either before hand at our consultation, afterwards or on the day itself.


    • At your consultation we will be able to talk about the sort of images you are looking for; we can decide on a location and even the clothes you might want to wear.
    • Depending on the time of year, the best light may be at different times of day, so we can agree the best time to get together for the shoot.
    • I can bring the 'studio' to your home if you would like that type of shot, but I think there is a lot more scope to get some beautiful images outdoors on location.
    • A family photoshoot in the countryside or a fashion shoot in an urban setting, it all depends on the style you are looking for. 
    • It's great that we met previously for your photoshoot because we will be comfortable and relaxed around each other. Meeting animals and small children in advance is never a bad idea either.
    • Photoshop is a great tool but there is no substitute for getting to right first time, in camera, so planning is everything.
    • Printing technology is getting better all the time but it is still best to steer clear of very bright prime colours when choosing your clothes.
    • If you are in a group, coordinating your dress style and colours beforehand can make all the difference in achieving a great portrait.
    • After your photoshoot, I will go away and prepare a selection of the best images for your next meeting - the Reveal appointment.
    • At the Reveal appointment, depending on what we were looking to achieve, you will get to see around ten images to choose from.
    • At this point, you can look again at samples and even see how different sized products may look on your wall, before placing your order.
    • After further editing and carefully preparing your chosen image(s), I will send the special sharpened image to my professional laboratory for processing.
    • Finally, I will hand deliver, where possible,  your final Wall Art and Gift Prints for you to view and enjoy every day.









  • FAQ


    Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.






    • What is Full Service Photography?
      By meticulous attention to detail, I hope to offer you the best quality, the best service and the best photography experience I can.
      Whatever the photography, I will try to go the extra mile. After all, not all photography is equal.
      Just as a meal can be fast food or a three star restaurant, so your photography experience can be vastly different depending on who you choose.
      Your photography could be a family portrait session, capturing your animals in a way you will treasure for generations, documenting your amazing wedding day, corporate events or special commissioned work.
      By riding my own horse, I know what I want from an equine photograph and I try very hard to give those images to everyone else.
      By taking more time and effort, by investing in professional equipment and continuous training, the results can be truly wonderful.
      Full Service is about the start to finish. I don't stop half way and leave you to print yourself.
      I work meticulously from our first consultation right up to hand delivering your beautiful images where possible.

    • What areas do you cover?
      I am based in Tunbridge Wells but I regularly travel around Kent and the South East but I can cover your event or your photoshoot anywhere by arrangement,

    • How large can you deliver my Wall Art?
      Currently the largest size Aluminium print I can supply measures 60" x 40" and looks absolutely fantastic.



  • Websites


    All Green Ninja websites come with bespoke photography as standard.





    Website design with great custom photography

    I have been designing websites since the early days of the internet. With today's technology I can build a beautiful site that truly does your business credit.
    If your website is even a couple of years old, it can look very outdated and stale by today's standards.


    • Responsive, contemporary websites that look equally great on a mobile phone, tablet as a desktop computer.
    • Custom Green Ninja photography as standard.
    • A very personal approach to ensure your complete satisfaction.
    • The perfect choice for any small to medium business, club or organisation.
    • Includes email, domain setup and hosting.
    • Training to post and edit content available.
    • Logo and graphic design available.
    • Maintenance, upkeep, content refresh and support services add-ons available  


    I understand that just as every business is different, every website needs to be different and to accurately portray your business in the best possible way.
    That is why I believe in a strong consultative and collaborative approach to building your site.

    Obviously I developed the site you are looking at so you have seen one example but please check out these other recent websites:




    Please get in touch to discuss your next website development.




  • Whatever you need

    Whatever you need

    Whatever your needs, please get in touch to see if I can help.





    Many photography needs, one great level of service

    Whether you need an image for an advertising campaign, coverage for a corporate dinner or sporting event or a even a cute picture of a kitten there are many ways I can help.


    • Advertising images.
    • Custom artwork, flyers, posters, leaflets etc.
    • Product shots.
    • Property
    • Photograph restoration, digitising, scanning and archiving.
    • Custom editing
    • Photography training.









  • Event Photography

    Event Photography

    For the best in Event Photography from the team who work harder.




    "Its Green Ninja! That's the good pictures"

    Nobody works harder to get you the best event photographs. Many event photographers deliver sub standard images. Don't settle for second best. 


    • Specialising in Show Jumping, Cross Country and Hunter Trial equestrian events.
    • Please get in touch to check availability for your event.
    • Wherever you need great pictures, printed on the day and available to order online afterwards.








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